Does spending millions on Ads earn you loyalty or does it add revenue through customers? About 50% of Ads clicked or viewed are accidental. Ad Marketing is like fuel, the more you spend the more it burns. Customer tend to stay retained only when you know where to spend, when to spend and how much to spend. PageFair quoted ” Ad blocking grew by 41% globally in the last 12 months”.


Growth Hacking is the knack to acquire or retain 1 new/old customer. Growth hacking tactics aids in reducing the cost per acquisition to close to $0. It helps companies to grow ridiculously fast and acquire millions of users and dollars in revenue.


Growth hacking is not about plug-and-play, it’s about evolving and tailoring hypothesis specific to your product and market. Growth Hacking prioritizes minimum effort with maximum yields.


The magical success formula which businesses have discovered is to treat customers like guests and that no two customers are alike.


Growth Hacking Trick #1: Contact as a Real Person

Reaching out to the leads with a real account increases the chances of boosting the Open Rate to upto 25%.


People tend to connect the emails sent from company email id’s (eg: as spam. There are better responses to emails when sent from an actual account. Personalizing emails by adding first names at the start of email and even in the subject line increases the chances of opening the mail.


Percentage of people reading emails on mobile(55%) is taking over the people reading on desktop(45%). It’s to be noted that you need to customize emails depending on devices.


Growth Hacking Trick #2: Leads should land onto the Landing Page

Average Website Conversion Rate is 2.35%


44% of the B2B companies directs its traffic towards homepage instead of landing pages. Leads tend to lose their focus on what the company has to offer and divert towards other things. This reduces the conversion rate. Business websites with over 40 landing pages generated 12 times more lead than website with just 1-5 landing pages.


48% of the marketers build new landing pages for every new marketing campaign they run.


Growth Hacking Trick #3: Educate people on your 404 Page

“Educating is the passport to the future”


People tend to get lost on your website. Instead of redirecting them back to the Homepage, start adding value to your visitor by providing ebooks, checklists etc.


404 page must be treated as a medium to communicate with the lost visitors. The more creative and engaging it is, the more your visitors retain. Blizzard has creatively converted their 404 page to provide checklists.


Growth Hacking Trick #4: Send an “oops! forgot the link” email

Errors do not seem to be errors, when executed trickily.


Consider to add “human errors” into your email, while automating your follow up emails. Trick is to send an email with a missing link or a file. Then automate a follow up email 1-5 minutes later, sharing the missing piece of the first email.


We found out that the open rate and conversions for the second email tends to skyrocket.


Growth Hacking Trick #5: Window shop – through LinkedIn profiles  

LinkedIn say 500 million people use LinkedIn in 200 different countries


New to LinkedIn? or are you a startup and struggling to get visibility? Start visiting at least 100 profiles a day. View multiple profiles at a time with Google Chrome extensions like Linkclump. This helps you to increase the followers. Choosing the right profile helps you to target the right audiences.


The trap in which every marketer or company fall into is to try out everything at once. Running hundreds of tools and trying out different methods and channels doesn’t get attention that is truly needed to succeed. Try to dominate in one specific platform and put your soul into it, so that you succeed in it.


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