Emails sent by marketers today have average open rates of 25% and clickthrough rates of 3%. These poor response rates can probably be attributed to the fact that the average number of promoted mails received by a consumer today stands at 121.


The only reason emails are still used for marketing is because of the high ROI (3800%) which is only due to the fact that it barely costs anything to send a mail.


The traffic for Retailers nowadays from Emails is low. Is this engagement channel absolutely lost?

No. We believe that there are multiple workarounds/tactics that can Retailers can employ to make their email marketing more effective


1. Data science/AI:

  • Segmentation/Personalisation technologies to send highly relevant mails to consumers. We don’t just mean first name and last name insertion here. Clickthrough rates improve by an average of 15% and conversions by 10% through this.

 2. Alternatives:

  • Text messages
  • Push notifications – The average clickthrough rate for retail is 12%. Personalisation can improve these rates too.
  • Facebook Messenger Bots
  • Create and post content that can be useful to users on social media to get interactions like Likes/Comments. This would contribute to brand marketing.
  • Having offline loyalty programs compels direct visits

  3. Dealing with Email providers:

Email providers like Google check every mail for spam based on multiple techniques. We’ve compiled ways here to work around these techniques:

  • Personalisation – If mails are personalised for each user, mail servers wouldn’t recognise a mass blast being made to their users.
  • Using a Transactional email provider over a Promotional one. Mails are less likely to be marked as spam this way.
  • Avoid words like “Sale”, “Discount”, etc in the Subject line
  • Intersperse promotional content within content marketing – This means there are lesser chances of being marked as spam
  • Avoid too many images – Higher chances of mail being marked as spam
  • Have customers subscribe to the brand’s Youtube channel which can then be mentioned in the mails. Google/Gmail would not block these mails as Youtube is their own property

4. Playing on consumer psychology:

  • Transactional mails have 8X more opens and clicks. Showcasing promotional content over these mails itself provides a unique opportunity for user attention.
  • Invent transactional mails/messages to catch user attention. An example would be a reminder email reminding the user that he has Rs200 in his wallet.
  • Rather than pure promotional messages, mails could have highly engaging/interactive content – (A facials vendor can show the effect of their product on a person’s face by having them upload an image). This can be a way to make emails viral.


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