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Maximize manufacturing efficiency with our AI automation solution,tool, delivering unparalleled productivity and cost savings
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Supercharge your operations with Recosenese AI to enhance operational efficiency, optimize quality control, enable predictive maintenance, and make data-driven decisions. Our state-of-the-art NLP and NLQ engine extract error-free data and enables a smooth flow of information, insight, and action across the enterprise. Experience smart manufacturing, gain a competitive edge, improve safety, unlock industry 4.0, and achieve sustainable practices for faster time to market and increased productivity


Illustration Automation

Conversion of CAD/ JT files to illustration is a laborious task that involves 70% of manual work. Tracing the sketches to illustration, maintaining multiple resource files, and tracking the child files from assembly files consumes lots of time and resource in the traditional method.

With our AI system’s advanced computer vision and NLP engine, the AI system converts the CAD files to illustration files accurately in less time. The centralized document system and knowledge graph make file maintenance and retrieval of information faster.

Effective Record Maintenance and Analysis

Maintain highly accurate records. The AI system can efficiently extract information from the records and add the details to the corresponding field mapped by the user. It also identifies anomalies like missing fields, no sign-off, and inadequate data, and flags them to the corresponding users. 

With the extracted information, the AI system creates an automated knowledge graph by correlating all related data. The knowledge graph will help in interpreting customer-induced damage, maintenance-induced damage, cost interpretation across vendor quotation format, missing tests, cost deviations, etc.

Virtual Engineering

Virtual Engineering is an AI-powered smart assistant that can assist you throughout the manufacturing process. Ask your queries in a natural conversational manner and our Virtual Engineering will help you with tasks like analyzing problem definition and getting the scope of the repair, cost estimation for repair work, additional vendor suggestions to complete a job quickly, etc., Both speech and text inputs are supported so that you can access the information in the way you desire.

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Structured Data Output

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Extracts unstructured data from docs, images, handwritten copies, etc., and keep the data in a structured format that is easy to process. Plus, the extracted data can be mapped to the desired form fields to populate the details automatically. s.

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Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

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Analyze a vast amount of machine usage data, sensor data, etc., and predicts the downtime, and machine faults. Based on the data the AI system provides timely maintenance suggestions.

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Compliance Management with Alert Mechanism

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Maintain an enormous amount of files easily with the AI system. The advanced NLP engine interprets proper information from the extracted information and checks for the missing piece of data. When a field is missing, a signature is missing, or even a stamp is missing, the AI system will alert the corresponding personnel.

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Inventory and Supply Chain Management

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Know what to buy and when to buy easily with our intelligent AI system. The AI bot process all historical and identifies the patterns such as purchase, supply & production, time taken to process orders, and availability of materials. With the inventory details and forecast at your disposal at any time you can ramp up your production as per your requirement.

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Back Office Automation

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Save your employees time by automating mundane tasks such as data entry, form filling, etc., The AI system extracts all the data and keeps them in a centralized system so that teams across the enterprise can access them when it is required. Let your employees be more productive and attend to more complex & important tasks.

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Vendor Selection and Price matching

Have a deeper insight into vendor profiles with our AI solution. The AI system analyzes the price listing and identifies the difference across all vendor quotations. Quickly identify the best vendor for your needs and make timely & cost-effective purchases.

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Quality Checks & Control

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Achieve superior product quality through AI-enabled inspection, eliminating deviations. Enhance production efficiency by identifying areas for improvement, streamlining processes, and maximizing output. Experience transformative solutions for optimal manufacturing performance.

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Centralized Data Intelligence Platform

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Have a 360-degree view of the entire enterprise data. All the extracted data, processed data, and user inputs are maintained in the central data platform. The AI system analyzes the data and creates a meaningful knowledge graph so that users can extract desired results, models, and predictions easily using search queries.

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