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Video – Data Orchestration: Power Your Data Value Chain

Data Orchestration: Power Your Data Value Chain

In today’s data-driven world, businesses get confronted with obstacles and challenges pertaining to data access. To intrinsically address data access complexities, organisations require a new layer of data orchestration. It is a process that gathers audience data from various sources, channels and devices, models it and makes it accessible for data analysis tools. Your data value chain gets powered by data orchestration. Moreover, it aids in the resolution of issues such as data fragmentation, overall organisational silos, technology integrations, and poor customer experiences.

What Is the Significance of Data Orchestration?

Data orchestration makes it possible to create segmentation libraries and logic to transform input values, allowing you to leverage the value of your data investment. Most businesses rely on IT-intensive direct integrations with their data providers and workflow apps in the absence of a data orchestration platform. It causes significant delays, time-out errors, and other discrepancies. Data orchestration eliminates distribution delays by verifying, bolstering, validating, linking, preventing duplicates, and routing within a single web service call.


How Is Data Orchestration Beneficial for Businesses?

Data orchestration combines data of previously launched campaigns with existing segments to provide a complete picture of the customer journey. Also, it makes the data all the more useful by enabling insightfuldata analysis. It classifies and segments data based on online identifiers, personas and purchasing pathways. The platform not only empowers application developers but also provides enormous value to infrastructure engineers. Data orchestration is the missing element in the data world. It brings your data relatively close to compute in clusters, regions and clouds. 


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