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Virtual Engineering

Virtual Engineering

Virtual Engineering is an AI-powered digital assistant designed for operational efficiency in Manufacturing, Supply chain and Logistic to accelerate issue resolution. The system automates learning of standard operating procedures (SOP), Product-Part correlation, Map participating entities - Vendors, Teams, Locations, Divisions etc and Financial metrics - Invoice value, Currency, Scale etc from historical records.

The Virtual engineering system, as a Virtual Digital Assistant, supports Natural language Query from Technicians, Operations and Maintenance teams, Service Personnel to fetch auto classified data/Responses from multiple types of data sources (Reports, Job cards, Task cards, Invoices, Quotations, ERP Systems etc) for helping teams resolve issues. The system can classify damages, validate data, automate audit and compliance of process reports.

The Virtual Engineering System brings significant benefits, including a faster response time-to-customer by 30% to 40%. It also contributes to cost reduction, with potential savings ranging from 20% to 25%. Additionally, manual efforts are reduced by 22% to 30%, enabling teams to focus on more critical tasks.

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