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Case Study – Leading European Automotive Brand

A Leading European Automotive Brand has a global presence and is very successful. Being in a global business, they had team members from all across the world. The whole team works together to build, design, and make advanced automotive models that people love in each part of the world.

To meet people’s expectations & market demand and maintain consistency, the team needs to collaborate and share knowledge internally. Since the team members are from different cultural & language backgrounds, it wasn’t easy to share the information in the proper sense and in a manner that everyone understood. Therefore they needed an intelligent Speech-to-Text Transcription and Translation system for effective communication.

RecoSense helps European Automotive Brand to communicate with its multilingual stakeholders


Leading European Automotive Brand with multilingual stakeholders and team members across the globe has difficulty communicating ideas and collaborating on tasks.


An AI-powered speech-to-text translation system that can dynamically translate communications in multiple languages, and transcribe discussions with the help of a powerful NLP system. Plus, it automatically tags important meeting notes & information for easier retrieval.


With a 97% translation accuracy rate, the team members of the Leading European Automotive Brand with multiple languages can easily communicate and exchange ideas without any language barriers.

  • Team members & stakeholders from various parts of the world and with various languages were not able to deliver the ideas clearly.
  • Difficulty in documenting and classifying the meeting notes and action points
  • Not able to automate the process of extracting conversation points from the meetings & messagesy.

The Leading European Automotive Brand wants an AI-powered transcription and translation system to dynamically translate messages & conversations, understand the different accents of the team members and most importantly, the system should protect data privacy.

SpeechSense is a perfectly engineered AI-powered speech-to- text transcription and translation system from RecoSense which uses powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, and Deep Learning models.

The ML model is trained with tons of data to identify the patterns like language, words, accents, tones, etc. After identifying the patterns, the ML system will match similar words to the select native language’s vocabulary. The NLP system uses the extracted data to infer the actual meaning.

Whereas the DL model processes the information like a human brain and filters the input data through many layers to extract the correct information in the proper sense. This extracted information will be processed and translated into the select language. Apart from translation, SpeechSense’s ML/DL model can also understand the context around topics and build a correlation between entities.

All the processes are done within the system and kept within the environment so the privacy of the data is also protected.

The AI-powered speech-to-text translation and transaction system not only made communication easier through its 97% accurate translations but also brought in several other benefits

  • The ML Module identifies and highlights the right summary of the conversation in multiple language conversations.  – The ML Module identifies and highlights the right summary of the conversation in multiple language conversations.  – The smart NLP system enables real-time subtitling for streaming content The smart NLP system enables real-time subtitling for streaming content
  • Provides real-time insights from interactions/conversations
  • Improves user experience
  • Able to translate and transcribe multi-languages

RecoSense has used ML/DL model in the SpeechSense transcription and translation system, which means it has the ability to adapt and scale. Plus, the AI translation bot can be deployed into any communication channel and can increase interaction by understanding the actual meaning of the conversations using the NLP system. The scope of SpeenchSense AI transcription and translation system is vast; here are a few use cases

  • Customers can speak in their own native language to describe their issues in detail while contacting customer support. The SpeechSense will translate and help the support agent easily understand the problem and provide the best solution. This will improve customer satisfaction.
  • Financial documents like bonds, annual and shareholder reports, financial reports, insurance regulatory documents, tax reports, etc., often comprise technical details. Technical & field knowledge is also essential, along with the linguistic skill to translate the documents. An AI- powered translation system like SpeechSense will really come in handy while handling a huge volume of documents.
  • Documents and policies for the employees can be translated and given in whichever language the employee is comfortable with. This improves the better understanding of the culture and makes the onboarding process easier.

Globalization has opened several markets and given organizations access to global talents to scale their growth. In the scope of globalization, a fractional amount of localization in communication has become imperative. The AI-powered transcription and translation system efficiently translates communications in real-time. It ensures all team members are on the same page and fastens the process of reaching the business goals.