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Increase user engagement with personality/content suggestions, zero null results, and cross-content discovery.

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Product Features

Auto Metadata Generation and Enrichment

  • Unique knowledge graph based metadata generation for structured content definition.
  • Auto-identification of categories, personalities, topics to power both personalization and search.
  • Build deep user-profiles and dynamically update based on actions.
  • Intelligent 3 tier mapping between the content and users.
  • Factoring invalid user actions and similarities between content types.

Personalized Search

  • Auto-correction and suggestion with customization.
  • Relevant suggestions based on user profiles.
  • Ranking results based on user interests.
  • Filtering options to discover relevant content.
  • Personalized suggestions in the case on ‘No result’ searches.
  • User-specific location-based language preference in search results.
  • A unique feature of in-depth user profile built from search.

User Insights and Analytics

  • Deep user insights and behavior analysis.
  • Popularity and collective user inputs.
  • Powerful analytics to understand search performance.
  • Comprehensive analytics on conversions and search behavior.
  • Compare trends between different timelines to measure improvement.

Tailor-made for OTT platforms

  • Cast and Crew, Movie / TV Show classifications, Series release dates are all factored in the results.
  • Deep intelligence to differentiate Content between Sports, Movies, Events, Categories / Genres.
  • Multi-language support for any forms of text, voice, and image-based search.
  • Intelligent 3 tier mapping between the content and users.
  • More advanced features in search for OTT platforms.

Marketing Automation Integration

  • Search results notification with personalized discovery for push notification or email campaigns.
  • In the case of “No Results” search response, the user can be notified whenever the platform launches the content to get the attention of the user.
  • Send notifications and emails to users about the launch of new products/content matching their search history.
  • Power any third-party tools with personalization inputs from RecoSense engine to make it more relevant.

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Why Come To RecoSense?


Expertise working with several OTT platforms serving +50 million users per month.


Highly trained AI engine to deliver the most relevant user experience.


Proven experience of scaling for peak traffic spikes in Media, Sports live streaming, eCommerce, Reality events, etc.


Auto ranking search results without manual intervention.


Promote Sponsored content through search suggestions.


Push newly released, lesser watched content through search.


Dedicated 24/7 managed services for uptime and high-grade SLA.

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