User engagement on media websites has become one of the primary metrics for measuring the success and efficacy of a website. Not only does creative user engagement impart a great amount of value to your product or service, but it also helps customers develop a deep connection with your brand. As a result, your brand retention, customer conversion, and website monetization witnesses a steep rise.


However, the task tends to become all the more challenging for media websites. OTT platforms, News websites, Digital magazines, or EdTech/Sports pages cannot just rely on the usual KPIs of downloads or clicks. Instead, these sites must specifically focus on indicators that measure their daily viewership, offer personalized recommendations, and trigger positive web reviews, thus increasing the number of total subscriptions.


As a media website, if you want to augment your levels of user engagement, here are some quick tips to guide you through this tough terrain.


Here is a guide through to Elevate User Engagement on Media websites


1. Automate Your Metadata Generation

Metadata is essentially a group of micro-level, precise, and structured data sets that provide detailed information about other types of data. Metadata can either be descriptive, referral, or statistical in nature.


By automating the generation of this highly useful data for both videos and text, you can easily draw comprehensive insights about the specific content and channels that your customers are focusing on. This enables you to target the right users and, thus, optimize your engagement strategy.


2. Recommend Personalized Content

In most media websites, there are far too many content options for ordinary consumers! In such a situation, users generally tend to browse through the available alternatives and leave the channel if they don’t find anything that attracts them.


Preventing such forms of customer bounces is the primary function of content personalization. By collecting data on viewer interests, you can build their exact profile and make personalized recommendations across various verticals.


3. Deliver Relevant Search Results

In most cases, there is no better way to enhance user engagement and drive customers towards conversions than delivering user-oriented search results. These search results, which have been largely optimized to deliver specific functionalities, increase the visibility of your media website to a group of interested users. As a result, they keep returning to your website as often as they can, and this repetitive visiting behavior ultimately causes an upward jump in your subscriptions.


4. Understand and Analyze

To increase user engagement on your media website, you will first need to understand and analyze the basic behavior of your users. Start by finding out which content pieces your potential customers like and how long do they prefer to engage with such pieces.


Based on this information, you can determine their viewing habits and divide them into different user segments. Doing so will equip you to analyze their preferences and provide them with the best user experience.


5. Send Customized Notifications

Handhold your users throughout their entire customer journey by sending them customized notifications. Such re-targeting via push notifications, live updates, e-mails or alerts won’t just make your customers aware of the latest movies they can watch, but it would also help you gain their attention in the least intrusive way.


Once they begin to identify and look forward to your notifications, their engagement metrics will automatically take a quantum leap.


6. User Engagement is the way Forward.

According to research conducted by Forrester, over 72% of businesses place improved user engagement on media websites at the top of their marketing priorities. Consequently, the performance of these businesses, especially in the media domain, is becoming increasingly dependent on specific indicators like UX/UI, personalization, viewership, and subscriptions. Even in the future, this trend of focusing on user engagement by making a website interactive and user-friendly is most likely to remain unaltered.


The Bottom Line

Therefore, if you want to use AI-based user personalization to improve your user experience, seek assistance from dynamic platforms like MediaSense. With its scalable search and intelligent discovery tools, MediaSense works wonders in reducing your bounce rate, increasing your content view, and thus, enhancing the repeat usage of your media website.


So, what are you waiting for? Click here and help your user engagement on media website statistics shot through the roof now!


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